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Welcome to WelkinMC's rules page!
These rules are not set in stone and can change at any time, so check back regularly.
The rules are there as a rough guideline to keep players in line, use common sense to figure out if what you're doing is wrong.
Staff are permitted to punish for reasons outside of the listed rules if they believe it is required.

For discord rules, please visit the #rules channel in our discord:

Useful links:

Chat Rules:
Do not disrespect other players/no unnecessary toxicity in public chat/messages. Lighthearted jokes are fine provided they don't provoke or upset others.
Punishment: Warning/Temp. Mute

Do not use excessive profanity in public chat or/message. Swearing is permitted in private channels such as party chat e.g; island chat.
Punishment: Warning/Temp. Mute

Sensitive topics
Do not make racist comments or discuss other sensitive topics (e.g. Religion, Politics), etc.
Punishment: Mute

Flooding chat
Any form of spamming, flooding chat or excessive use of caps is not permitted. No more than 2 identical or similar messages may be sent in a short period of time as well as any more than 10 words of full caps in one sentence are allowed.
Punishment: Warning

Do not beg for free items. If you wish to make a trade or some form of an agreement for items/currency you may ask once in public chat before moving to private messages.
Punishment: Warning

Do not advertise other servers. If you wish to discuss unrelated servers/IPs to a friend, do not do so in public chat.​​​​​​​
Punishment: Mute
Gameplay Offenses:
Do not use modifications which give you an unfair advantage.

Do not use alternate accounts/friends to gain in-game advantages (e.g. paying your main account starter money or using minions on another account to benefit your main account)
PunishmentTemp. ban to all accounts involved & boosted items wiped

Use of VPNs are not allowed (unless you have a legitimate reason and permission from staff)

Duping items in any way is not allowed
PunishmentBan/Account wipe

Abusing bugs/exploiting is not allowed. If you find a bug, report it to a developer or staff member immediately.
PunishmentBan/Account wipe

Macro/AFK methods
Using macros/clients or weighing/taping down your mouse button to complete tasks while AFK such as mining or fishing are not permitted.
PunishmentTemp. Ban
Misc Offenses:
Faking hacks
Pretending to/joking about breaking rules/cheating may lead to punishment, even if you are innocent. This includes  falsely admitting to rule violations or altering your game play in such a way to make it look like cheats e.g. head snapping.
Punishment: Temp. Ban

Do not attempt to or threaten to DOS/DOX other players.
Punishment: Ban

Impersonating staff
Do not impersonate staff in anyway e.g pretending you're an alt of a staff member, claiming to have staff permissions, etc.
Punishment: Ban
Alternate accounts
Only 3 accounts are allowed online at any one time per person/IP. (See "Boosting" for specific details about allowed uses of alt accounts.)
PunishmentPerm. ban to extra accounts

The only reasons you can use an alt is for 1. AFKing on an island & 2. To start a new "profile" or island. If it's 2., that account cannot interact with your main account or any other alternate accounts in any way, otherwise, both accounts will be wiped for boosting.
PunishmentAll involved accounts wiped & banned

Griefing/Insiding is not moderated. Be careful who you invite to your island as they may get away with theft or destruction of your island.

Common sense
The rules are there as a rough guideline to keep players in line, use common sense to figure out if what you're doing is wrong.  Bending the rules in any way is still punishable.
PunishmentStaff will punish as they see fit. Even if an offense is not listed in the rules you can and will still be punished.